Black Sabbath Back w/Ozzy

I heard Ozzy is back with Sabbath and a new album is on the way. Thoughts or opinions on how this will go? I mean, Ozzy hasn't put out anything lately that I was impressed with. IMO Sabbath hasn't done much since Dio. In fact, the band Heaven & Hell I didn't care much for what they released. I' ... Read More »

Black Friday deals

Some stores open at 8:00 PM on Thanskgiving day for black friday sales. Here are some samples to wet your appetite: Toshiba 40-inch for $179 and Toshiba Smart Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player for $39 from Bestbuy. Panasonic 50-inch Plasma TV for $299 at Sears. And from Walmart, Emerson 40-inch 1080p LCD for ... Read More »

2M Black.

Been running this cart in for a while now. Right out the box it sounded good. Unlike my 2M Red, there was no sibilance after install so no needing to let it break in to get rid of it. . As I continue to run her in, it became very obvious to me that I have never really heard a drum kit sound so nat ... Read More »

Dr. John's 'Locked Down', produced by Black Key Auerbach

[url=] • View topic - No discussion on the new Dr. John, produced by Dan Auerbach?[/url] Or maybe I should have titled the thread "What are your 3 favorite Dr. John tracks that were produced by Dan Auerbach?" :ihih:Read More »

Black Bag anyone?

I have asked this question before but I will assume many more new members now to help me. I have a pair of "Black Bag" Speakers. They are a 6 inch 2 way and they are innefficient ( 87dB ). They have been in daily use in a bedroom system for 27 years. They are magnificent in the near field and may ... Read More »