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Bettercables digital coax vs. Monster THX optical?

I was looking in to swapping out my Monster THX optical cables for Bettercable silver serpant digital coaxial. Is there going to be a difference in sound? :)Read More »

Bettercables Silver Serpent Digital Coax vs. DH Labs Silver Sonic D-75 Digital Coax

Anyone auditioned these two digital coaxial cables? Which do you think is better? [url]http://www.bettercables.com/digitalcoax.html[/url] [url]http://silversonic.com/docs/prod/D75.html[/url]Read More »

BetterCables.Com Ad on AudioReview.Com

Can anyone tell me if they've actually tried BetterCables (brand name) as they're advertised on this website with a banner type ad and seem pretty expensive. Is this hype just like Monster Ultra Cables or are these the real thing?Read More »

BetterCables vs. BlueJeans

hi all- Is there a huge marginal difference in quality when compary component cables from BetterCables as opposed to the common Belden/Canare cable vendors such as BlueJeans, Ram, etc. I'm currently in the midst of figuring out each piece of my HT setup , and I will need interconnects ( DVI, ... Read More »


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