Hey, Spock's Beard fans.

I just found out an old high school jammin' buddy of mine from Colorado Springs, Rich Mouser, has been keeping himself busy recording everybody from Morse to Beard to Dream Theater to Weezer and a buttload of indie bands of all stripes. Owns a studio in Pasadena called the Mouse House. Probably n ... Read More »

Russian Spock's Beard

This is actually an english singing prog band from Russia and they sound very similar to Spock's Beard. Wierd. Pretty good actually, but not very original. Their name is, of all things, [B]Apple Pie[/B]. [URL="http://www.mals.ru/ApplePie.htm"]http://www.mals.ru/ApplePie.htm[/URL] Vocals spotty i ... Read More »

New Spock's Beard CD out this week....

...SO GO BUY IT! Seriously though...new Beard...great stuff :6:Read More »

Spock's Beard:Octane // a review

Where to begin...I'm amazed that anyone who claimed to dislike [i]Feel Euphoria[/i] but liked Octane, when the two are so similar. Save for a few clunkers, FE is a good album, IMO. This new album, [i]Octane[/i], fixes one major problem that FE had; the 'epic'. The first seven tracks comprise a suit ... Read More »

Spock's Beard:Feel Euphoria // underappreciated

Wow, I knew that the Beard would be put under a microscope after the departure of Neal Morse, but yeesh! This is no where near as bad as I'd heard. No, this ain't your father's Spock's Beard, but its still a reasonable enough facsimile to like it, IMO. Sure, its got a couple of plodders, like Bottom ... Read More »


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