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KEF Proudly Unveils the LS50 - Special 50th Anniversary Loudspeaker

Marlboro, N.J. – May 3, 2012 – KEF, the renowned manufacturer of innovative, reference-quality loudspeakers, introduces the new LS50 Mini Monitor speaker – a reinterpretation of the research, design and engineering approach of the legendary LS3/5a using the latest...    Read More »

Mansberg Vision Sound Announces 'Sinus' Floorstanding Loudspeakers

The Mansberg 'Sinus' is a unique floor standing loudspeaker that combines a graceful appearance with high quality drivers. It is a four-way, five-driver speaker system, incorporating a 10" woofer and dual 7" mineral filled polypropylene cone midrange drivers in a sub-enclosure. The made-in-Hol ...    Read More »

Energy CB-5 Bookshelf Speakers Editorial Review

Energy CB-5 Bookshelf Speakers - What You Need To Know One of the highest rated and well reviewed bookshelf speaker under $200 that are great for both music and home theater. Wichi isn't surprising when you consider Energy is another manufacturer from the canals of the Canadian studies on psycho ...    Read More »

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Mono,Truth LZ1,and Axis bold

I can't find any word on the new mono releases of Jeff Becks" Truth", Led Zepplin(first), Jimi Hendrix "Axis Bold As Love" lps. Anyone know if these are any better than the old stereo releases? Truth and LZ are super, but Axis wasn't much in stereo.What about all the other mono releases lately,any g ... Read More »

Opinions on a Linn Axis table?

I don't visit this forum often, but I'm a regular at Rave Recordings and my amigos there suggested I check with all you vinyl geeks for comments/opinions. I was nearly ready to pull the trigger on a Pro-ject table but now have a chance to buy a Linn Axis with their Basik tonearm and K9 cart. I kn ... Read More »

MMF-5, Linn Axis or Rega P3

Looking to get back to vinyl and I need advise on a starter turntable. I am kicking around either the Music Hall MMF-5, Linn Axis or Rega P3. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Read More »

30 degrees off axis

What exactly does this mean and do for a speaker?Read More »

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