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A cheap path to purity....yeah, Axiom, I am talking to you!

Hey all, Just got my Axiom (passive pre) from Luminous Tech. and hooked it up to my two channel PC based system. Although it has been only a couple hours I only have one thing to say: niiiiiiiiiice. You know, when I bought the B&K Ref 50 a while back (and sold my Audio Experience + tube pre ... Read More »

Axiom M3v3 bookshelf speakers and VTI stands

Dang today was a long day. Wife and I were in the car by 9am and got home about 930pm. Started off with a trip to the court house about some paper work ( two shotguns full of fun that was ) and then off to the City of Industry (seriously that is what it is named) to pick up my first set of sub $10 ... Read More »

axiom m60 v2

I have been around audio for a long time and have worked in the industry for a few years. With my experience I have always been a fan of the underdog price for a great product brand. I now have Paradigm monitor 7's v2 and they are ok but I am looking to upgrade. I have heard that the Axiom m60 V2 ar ... Read More »

Emotiva ERM-1 versus Axiom Audio M2i

I have owned the Axiom M2i's (LCR) (custom piano black finish) for several years along with the Axiom QS4 surrounds (custom paint). The price of the standard finish M2i's is $148. I have been very pleased with both the speakers and Axiom customer service. The M2i's have a 1" titanium tweeter and a 5 ... Read More »

Axiom opinions please (Owners only please)

Well do you own or have you actually heard any Axiom's in particular the M-60 or M-80. How do they sound what's great, good, bad about them? What would you compare them to? The M-80 is a 4 ohm speaker my Denon is 6-12. I actually just fried 6 of the outputs on my Denon, it's in the shop now. Can ... Read More »


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