amp choice.... (nad, ca, audiolab, anything eles??)

Hi , I'm about to purchase a hi-fi system and i need your help... the system will fit in my place in a 20 sq meters room. I'm listening mostly to jazz but also classic, rock and electronic music. I love warm sound but very detailed and balanced one - present high ends and round and tasty botto ... Read More »

audiolab 8000c Vs 8000s !

Hi, i would appreciate your opinion about which would be the best amplifier to use as an pre-amplifier, the audiolab 8000c or the 8000s (pre-amp stage)? Thank you in advance!Read More »

AudioLab 8000A

I 'm looking for a used AudioLab 8000A. Anyone out there willing to sell.Location:Subang Jaya, Malaysia)Read More »

audiolab 8000s w/Epos M12.2s???

would this be a good match? the epos take a 25w-100w amp into 8ohms, the audiolab 8000s is 60w into 8ohms. looking for clarity, warmth, detail in the sound. also, any phono pre-amp recommendations for the amp/speakers?Read More » , anyone use them?

Has anyone used to make any purchases? they seem to have some better prices than others.Read More »


Audiolab Product Categories


8000A 4.41
34   Reviews
$ 0.00

CD Players

8000CD 4.55
11   Reviews
$ 1595.00

Integrated Amplifiers

8000 4.17
12   Reviews
$ 1195.00
8000LX 4.83
12   Reviews
$ 695.00
8000S 4.57
44   Reviews
$ 1099.00


8000 4.4
10   Reviews
$ 0.00
8000PPA 4
0   Reviews
$ 0.00


8000T 4.21
14   Reviews
$ 1150.00

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