Replacement Tubes for Audio Experience Symphonies + ?

Hey All, Last year around this time I bought an AE Symphonies + preamp from a dude on EBay. I absolutely LOVE this unit. It really makes playing FLAC and WAV files from my PC (ASUS STX HD card) a very moving and pleasurable experience. BTW, I am using an NAD 2400 THX amp to drive a pair of ref ... Read More »

My first review: Trafomatic audio Experience Elegance

hey folks, I just went from SS to tubes, here is my review of my amps.hope you enjoy it " After reading about Bruce Swedien endorsing electrocompaniet 2-channel amplifier two decades ago in Pro audio magazine, I have always been a devout follower of Solid state amplifiers and a loyal customer ... Read More »

Any experience with "Audio Concepts" Speaks?

I'm always on the look out for small, well built speakers for friends HT systems. This guy's selling 4 Audio Concepts speakers. Not sure but they might be early model Emeralds. Anyone know for sure and how much they should be going for? [IMG] ... Read More »

question on tube pre juicy music or audio experience

trying to find info on the juicy music peach vs audio experience syphonies plus juicy music made in USA other Hong Hong can't seem to get much info on either esp the HK pre.Read More »

Any experience with Audio Refinement amps?

Right now I'm using an Arcam 3 channel amp on my main & center speakers and an Adcom on the rears. I'm thinking of getting a 5 channel amp because one, the coherency was amazing when putting 3 matching channels of amplification along the front and two, I can save space. This brings me to my questi ... Read More »


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YSA100S 5
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$ 2300.00


A1 5
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$ 800.00
Symphonies 4.33
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$ 350.00
Symphonies Plus 4.67
5   Reviews
$ 0.00

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