Turn your audio files into wall art.

I love this idea!!! There are so many pieces of music that have been an inspiration to me or played a very important part of my life. I'm seriously considering doing a custom piece. I just have to narrow down my choices to one. [url=http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/right-click/turn-audio-files-be ... Read More »

Audio Art, Fro-Zen Stellar Labs ICs

First of all, I feel bad that I keep asking for help and haven't offered any advice or help in any way to felow brothers in Audio, I try and do better I promise. Question: Has anyone had any experience or knowledge of the above mentioned interconnects? There are both about $100 for a 1 meter pair ... Read More »

Ultra Precision Audio Interconnect Cables, World's Finest State of the Art

Dear Music Lovers, I am now accepting orders for these remarkable audio cables ([url]www.nagysaudio.com)[/url]. This has been my labor of love and for the past five years I have conducted research on making the best possible audio cables at any price. I have the best electronic engineer work ... Read More »

Audio Art Cables (manufactured by DH Labs)

Audio Art Cables has been selling their audio cables for a bit over a year. I recently purchased a pair of interconnects from them and am impressed and believe would make a nice addition to the cables for review here. Audio Art Cables [url]http://www.audioartcable.com/[/url] Interconnects: ... Read More »

Audio Art IC-3 interconnects

I bought some Audio Arts IC-3 interconnects to see(hear) what the hype was about. here is the link to the thread where i post my thoughts. [url]http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42566[/url]Read More »


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