Sir TtT, I can now answer one of your questions

[QUOTE=Sir Terrence the Terrible]Have you heard the HPS-4000 system, or the Klipsch theatrical system?[/quote] Empirically, I can now answer "yes". Let me preface my comments by saying that I appreciate your industry video insight and have learned quite a bit regarding the nuances involved with the ... Read More »

The Answer

is GOOD!!! I just picked up this 4 song EP by the Irish band The Answer. [url][/url] It's not that it's great, but it's just good old fashion rock and roll. Sort of like a mix between the Black Crowes, Poorboys, get the idea. I just wondered if ... Read More »

"Capistrano swallow answer to you inner voice..

...and please return. God installed a radar in your pointy little beak so you'd return." It's hard to believe that it's been almost 10 years since the last Pavement record was released. I was a big fan of "Terror Twilight', although many other fans didn't like this departure from their 'lo-fi' ro ... Read More »

An answer to the Global Warming Question?

An interesting argument. I don't buy into its simplicity, but an interesting approach. Read More »

Compatibility Question(Pro. Answer Needed, ASAP), M Audio Tampa Pre Amp/M audio inter

Ok guys i have a huge question to ask.. I need professional answers. I got the M-Audio MobilePre USB Audio Interface..... ( found here: [url][/url]) I am going to buy the M-AudioTAMPA Microphone Preamp.... ( found here: [url] ... Read More »


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