I am in the midst of an audio buffet of sorts...

I know I've mentioned in other posts that my audio buddy is also an audio retailer. Well, yesterday I had the good fortune to listen to the Naim DAC, with my Stello Transport...hooked up to a prototype new Belles Integrated...with the Reference 3A Episodes. What an incredibly musically synergisti ... Read More »

hello I am new to audio review forums

I have just started tonight being a part of the whole audio review world and am very excited to get to know everyone and be able to talk about the wonderful world of audio and video electronics. I am an avid audiophile that loves to talk with like minded people with this interest. I have worked in t ... Read More »

I am getting a humm out of home audio speakers

Now that I have connected my computer sound card directly to my home audio receiver I am getting a humm out of the home audio speakers. The RCA cable I am using is a good quality sheilded cable. When I disconnect my RCA cables comming from my DVD player on the back of my stereo receiver the noise ... Read More »


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