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denon/adcom help

im running my dynaudio 60's running through the preamp out of my denon 2307ci to my adcom 555. now if i want to just run the dynaudio and sub. how would i do that. if i turn off the a and b switch, its very quiet.Read More »

Adcom Amp 5006 vs.Parasound HCA 1200 II Power Amp

has anybody owned either? im looking at buying one of these used. i'm looking to run my 4 ohm front tower speakers and who knows in the future?Read More »

How Emotiva compare to Adcom, Rotel, Nad, Parasound, B&K, Acurus...

Hi guys, I have never hear any Emotiva amplifier because they don't have too much time in the market ?? I am curious about them and would like to know if they can beat Nad, B&K, Rotel, Adcom and other entry level amplifiers. So, any of you that already know them can give me some idea ?? ... Read More »

Bi-Amping with Adcom GFA 5500 and GFA 555

I have a pair of PSB Stratus Gold that I want to bi-amp. Right now I have an Adcom 5500 that sounds great with the speakers. I have a chance to get an Adcom 555. Would the 555 pair up nicely with the 5500? Anyone have experience Bi-Amping with different Adcom? (I also have a set of Magnepan MG ... Read More »

new Adcom 555SE

I went to Adcoms website the other day and was looking around at the newer products they offered plus I downloaded a owners manual for my amp since it seemed to have disapeared and noticed that they have came out with a new version of the 555 II that was out in the early 90's. the website says that ... Read More »


Adcom Product Categories

A/V Preamplifier

GTP-555 2.42
26   Reviews
$ 0.00

A/V Receivers

GTP-602 5
1   Reviews


GFA-5200 4.67
6   Reviews
$ 350.00
GFA-555MKII 4.29
34   Reviews
$ 900.00
GFA-6002 5
2   Reviews
$ 600.00
GFA-7607 5
1   Reviews
$ 1345.00
GFA-7807 3.33
3   Reviews
$ 2750.00
GFA555 Amplifier 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 1303.00

DVD Players

GDV-870 4
1   Reviews
$ 599.00


GfR-700HD Home Theater Receiver Withaler 0
0   Reviews
$ 2250.00
GTP-602 0
0   Reviews
$ 899.00

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