Paging Adam...

Hey Adam, What happened to new accounts having to be approved by you first? Or is that just before they can actually post? Thanks.Read More »

RIP Adam Yauch

The Beasties have been my main go-to artists for feel-good music for a long time. I thought Adam was getting better. This makes me sad. I heard the story yesterday on FOX News of all places while home for lunch flipping channels. I flipped over to MTV for more info but found nothing but their ... Read More »

Question for Adam

Hi Adam, When you set me up as a Mod you asked me to soft-delete spam posts. But we've had so much spam lately that some threads are becoming a bit difficult to read because there are as many spam posts as legitimate posts. See [URL= ... Read More »

Adam! Spam Assault - IP Addresses

Hi Adam, We're being totally inundated with spam. I've started checking IP addresses. This one has over 90 registered users, None of the names are logical names, if you know what I mean. Can you delete this address? Thanks, EstherRead More »

Adam this one is for you!

I banned orlandom for spamming in the photo galleries. He is spamming Uggs and has after 1300 posts of spam. I could not do a mass deletion but deleted a few. I thought maybe you could wipe him out. ThanksRead More »


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