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Easy access - good or bad for artists?

I guess there is a line in there some place, probably has to do with how many "units" an artist would be expected to move. But forget that for a moment, what do you think of our modern day ability to sample just about any music? And by sample, I mean to check out before buying, not necessarily to do ... Read More »

c565 allows access to it's DAC, so 840 isn't alone any more.

Have you all looked at this NAD c565? It is very cool, having some very innovative features. Yes, the Cambridge has a digital input but so does the c565 now, but the c565 goes a step further than just optical and adds a USB input to allow your mp3 files to use the DAC and even be upsampled. It wi ... Read More »

What would you pay for 1Gb/s internet access?

How about $43 a month? But you'll have to move to Japan to get it. Apparently the Japanese company KDDI is offering 1Gb/s up [U]and[/U] downstream to the home, which blows away ADSL and even Fiber: [url]http://www.bit-tech.net/news/2008/09/29/japan-to-get-1gbs-in-the-home/1[/url] I wonder how ... Read More »

Netflix Activates HD-DVD Rental Access

Any early HD-DVD adopter who is planning on renting HD-DVDs through Netflix can now activate HD-DVD access on their account. All you have to do is go to the "account" link on the Netflix homepage, and then click on the HD-DVD link. By saying you have a player, it will allow you to activate HD-DVD ... Read More »


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