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Samsung HWF751XS 2.1 wireless sound bar

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]Hi All[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]I recently bought a Samsung TV UA55F8000 with free 2.1 wireless sound bar (Samsung HWF751XS). The retail price is at S$799. I already have Yamaha sound system hence I won't be using it. I am selling it...please let me k ... Read More »

3 speakers on a 2 channel amp

I'm installing an outdoor audio system on a large patio and am considering installing three speakers (2 left channel and 1 right in a L-R-L configuration). I'm looking at using Definitive Technology AW-6500's which are 8 ohm speakers. The amp I want to get is the Emotiva UPA-200 which is rated for ... Read More »

Need help with building my first set of 2 way speakers!

Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a pair of 2 way speakers from recycled woofers and new parts. I salvaged some old school, 3 way speakers from the tip earlier this year. One was empty inside and the other had 2 working 8 inch woofers and one damaged tweeter/midrange. I disassembled the working sp ... Read More »

Goertz Triode Quartz 2 copper

I noticed last night that one of the TQ2 is not performing properly. The sound of the Studio 530's are so focused that a quartet I was listening to sounded like the cello player was on break. MIA so to speak. I switched cables and the cellist was back but I lost a violinist. They seem to work electr ... Read More »

2 Channel Audio system for under 1000?

I am trying to put together a two channel audio system for a buddy of mine that has recently gotten into viny. I have a used adcom gfa II that we are thinking of building the system around, that he is going to give me 300 for. He has a decent turntable, so looking for a pair of bookshelves or towers ... Read More »


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