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MSRP  118.00
Description: TDK WR700; circumaural; 20 - 20000 Hz; 106 dB; 32 O; 35 mm; DynamicMove without the limitations of a cord and still get the high fidelity; stereo sound you expect. Perfect for in-home use with stereo systems as well as mobile devices; simply plug the transmitter into your audio device and sync it with the headphones.Combined with dynamic channel selection; which minimizes “drops”; Kleer’s technology provides a superior listening experience.Features- Built using Kleer’s proprietary lossless; wireless audio technology; the TDK wireless headphones deliver major improvements in sound clarity over other wireless technologies. The original signal; CD quality 16-bit 44KHz-digital audio; is preserved during transmission resulting in uncompromised stereo sound.


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