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MSRP  205.00
Description: This USB turntable allows you to copy your favorite vinyl to your computer. It’s a complete digital-to-analog solution, and there’s no special drivers needed – just plug it in and use the included software. But this unit doesn’t just play back records. It’s also got an FM tuner, AUX input, and an SD card slot to plug in your favorite MP3s. Then, listen to it all using the two built-in full range speakers with 30 watts. Includes a ceramic cartridge with diamond needle, 45 rpm adaptor, strong strengthened semi-transparent dust cover, and AC adaptor. <ul> <li>3 speed (33 1/3/45 and 78 RPM) turntables</li> <li>Two built-in full range speakers 4 OHMS,30 Watts</li> <li>AM/FM stereo radio</li> <li>Strong strengthened semi-transparent dust cover</li> <li>AC 110V 60HZ</li> </ul>


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