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MSRP  192.00
Description: This USB turntable allows you to copy your favorite vinyl to your computer. It’s a complete digital-to-analog solution, and there’s no special drivers needed – just plug it in and use the included software. It’s also got an internal stereo phono pre-amp, so you can hook it right up to your amp to hear those warm sounds of yesteryear. Includes a headhsell, dust cover, and 45 rpm adaptor. <ul> <li>Internal Stereo Phono Pre Amplifier</li> <li>Plug Directly to Computer (PC & MAC)</li> <li>Switchable 33 1/3 and 45 RPM</li> <li>Power Supply: AC 120V ~ 60HZ</li> <li>Dimensions: 3.68''H x 14.17''W x 13.59''D</li> </ul>


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