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Product Image
Numark TTX1
0 Reviews
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MSRP  311.00
Description: <ul> <li>Direct drive ultra-high torque motor (+3.7 kg/cm peak)</li> <li>Patent-pending interchangeable tonearm system (includes both straight and S-shaped tonearms)</li> <li>Interchangeable pitch fader and button cartridges for club and battle style</li> <li>Blue illuminated display provides pitch, RPM, BPM and motor settings</li> <li>Removable aluminum target light with super-bright white LED</li> <li>Solid-core steel top and rubber base construction fights vibration and unwanted noise</li> <li>Anti-drag aluminum platter reduces excess rotating friction</li> <li>Ultra-precise aluminum tonearm with cue, height and anti-skate adjustments</li> <li>Accurate quartz motor control with instant reverse and variable start and brake times</li> </ul>


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