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Product Image
Numark TTi
0 Reviews
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MSRP  179.95
Description: The Numark TTi is a USB turntable with iPod dock that delivers the kind of quality you'd expect from Numark. USB connectivity, and the convenience of using your iPod are now fused together. The USB turntable with its built-in universal dock for iPod on the back left corner easily transfers your old vinyl collection to your iPod. The TTi turntable comes with EZ Vinyl Converter 2 (PC) and EZ Audio Converter (MAC), two of the simplest ways to record and convert vinyl directly to iTunes or your iPod. EZ Vinyl Converter 2 features Gracenote MusicID technology which analyzes your vinyl and automatically retrieves album, artist, and song information for you. EZ Audio Converter lets you easily enter track information. On Mac or PC, you can now digitally archive your collection to CD or MP3 in just a few mouse clicks.


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