Mitsubishi WS-48513 Standard Televisions

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Product Description

  • NetCommand® 3.0 with IR Learning Provides simple icon-based on-screen digital & analog home theater control. Learns most products' IR codes.
  • AMVP™ Advanced Multimedia Video Processor provides enhanced pixel multiplication, image formats and digital noise reduction.
  • MediaCommand™ 5-format memory card reader for JPEG images and MP3 / WMA audio.
  • PerfectColor™ Precision 6-way color correction.
  • MicroFine™ 3 CRTs Improved focus, finer grain phosphor, reduced image scattering.
  • FireWire® (IEEE 1394) interface
  • MonitorLink™/DVI HDCP Input
  • StretchPlus Displays 4:3 pictures on a wide screen with less distortion
  • DefinEdge™ VSM Enhances image clarity.

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