unknown Elmo Projectors MP-50E Multimedia Projector Front Projectors

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Flexibility, quality and high performance are words that have become synonymous with the Avio solid object/multimedia projectors. This tradition is continued with the new Avio MP-50E solid object/multimedia projector. This multi-function, five-in-one projector combines a standard data projector and a document camera into a single integrated projection package. This configuration allows for the projection of documents/photographs, 3D solid objects, transparencies, data (PC/MAC images) and video (RCA/SVHS/DVD) from one compact package. Performing at 3000 ANSI Lumens of brightness, and with a 2 million pixel CCD camera, the MP-50E gives any presenter the ability to deliver a clear and detailed presentation to audiences of all sizes. The MP-50E has all the tools and presentation support functions needed to make a creative and audience captivating event for every meeting or presentation.

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