NEC GT5000 Multimedia Projector Front Projectors

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In your boardroom, congregation, auditorium, rental/staging facility and more, the shape of presentations is changing. Your message needs to impress, to convince and to be presented with pure audience impact. With the GT series projectors NEC converges these requirements into a fully customizable presentation solution.??The GT Series projection systems give you tremendous configuration flexibility so you can place or install the projectors almost anywhere, connect them to virtually any source or even control and monitor them from your local area network.??With SweetVison contrast enhancement technology, Faroudja DCDi de-interlacing and VORTEX Technology Plus color correction your video and data presentations will take on an unparalleled realism. Zoom in on architectural details of new office buildings. See them with clarity and unrivaled sharpness Wow your audiences with heart stopping video and super-rich colors. Impress the board with detailed sales charts and graphs. Whatever im...

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