unknown Cinderella's Coach (DT12-10U1-000) 9.6 in. EDTV-Ready LCD TV Flat Panel Televisions

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Product Description

Every little girl has dreamed of being whisked away in Cinderella's pumpkin coach as the clock struck midnight. The fantasy lives on in this charming TV, so delicately designed in pure white and pastel blues. Atop crystal clear wheels that look as real as they come, Cinderella appears with her friends so near. On the back, she gets her dashing prince and lives happily ever after. Features: ? Pumpkin-shaped body can be removed fro the carriage for viewing anywhere. ? Romantic graphic of the Prince and Cinderella on the back bezel is a thermal transfer. ? Pedestal is sturdy transparent plastic decorated with an embossed vine. ? Carriage wheels mimic the pumpkin shape and are embossed and textured.

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