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Product Image
Toshiba 56HMX96 56 in. HDTV DLP TV
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MSRP  1496.00
Description: Enjoy brilliant high definition television with Toshiba's 56" 56HMX96 720p DLP television. It incorporates a new TALEN 5 720p DLP engine, Radiance 150 Hi-Bright lamp, and other performance features with loads of connections, including dual HDMI inputs and PC inputs. There's even TV Guide On Screen and a built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner. Toshiba's elegant Cinema Series models are some of the best-looking big-screen TVs around — whether they're on or off. The combination of a refined DLP™ (Digital Light Processing) "light engine" and a dual-wattage lamp produces a vivid viewing experience whether you're watching during the daytime or at night. The SoundStrip™ speaker system occupies the space below the screen and enables the ultra space-efficient cabinet design.


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