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Product Image
Sony Grand WEGA KF-60XBR800 60 in. TV
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MSRP  118.00
Description: Sony invites you to experience our New 60-inch Grand WEGA 16:9 LCD Rear Projection TV -- the KF-60XBR800. This exciting addition to our showcase delivers astounding home entertainment. Enjoy features like our 3 Wide High Resolution XGA LCD Panels, 3.15 Million Dots Resolution (1366 x 768 x 3), 1.05 Million Dots Resolution (1366 x 768) for each 1.35" LCD Panel, a Contrast Level improvement of 25% for overall better black level, a Ultra High Pressure Lamp of 100 Watts, Digital Reality Creation Circuitry (progressive), MemoryStick Media playback, and JPEG slide show. Additional features include a DVI-HDTV Interface, a Super Fine Pitch Lenticular Screen (0.155mm), a High Contrast Screen with a Double Anti-Reflective (A/R) Coating, a First Surface Mirror, Wide Modes (Normal/Full /Zoom/Wide Zoom) and more. Watch in wonder and hear sound effects roar as this Grand WEGA TVs 3-Way 6 Speaker Audio System booms. Give into the grandeur of the KF-60XBR800.


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