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Last of Rear Projection TV

Mitsubishi, the last company to manufacture those large, rear-projection DLP TVs, has announced that it will no longer do so. Mitsubishi has sent a letter to authorized service centers saying it was discontinuing the production of 73-inch, 82-inch and 92-inch DLP sets. The TV maker said the flat-s ... Read More »

Moving a rear projection TV

I am moving an older Sony 53" rear projection TV and was planning on just using my van to transport it. The only problem is because of its height (57" tall) the only way it will fit in the van is if I place it face down. This is a model year 2000 Sony rear projection TV so it is very heavy but ... Read More »

a critical ? for my 50V720 rear projection LCD

I want to know if the lamp I bought is already about to fade out or if its another " unusual" problem like the Hitachi service center said. I recently replaced my lamp for my Hitachi 50V720 rear projection LCD from Ebay. I bought the lamp less than 2 months ago and now when I turn on the T.V. the t ... Read More »

Can my bass damage my rear projection TV?

I recently purchased a new power subwoofer and I noticed that at moderate volume level (moderate for me loud as hell to everyone else) the screen on my television shakes like a rear view mirror in my car. I know I can turn it up louder but I am afraid that I will damage my TV, 57" projection SONY. ... Read More »

What exactly is a "rear projection LCD?"

I'm no expert on LCD and Rear Projection, but the two together seem to be contrary? [url]http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=6784483&type=product&cmp=++&id=1089890510058[/url] Sony model here with "rear projection LCD," could someone explain the technology?Read More »

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