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MSRP  199.99
Description: -300mm (12") front-firing powered subwoofer loudspeaker <br>- Elegant cabinet design with slender profile combining wood-like and textured high-quality vinyl. <br>- 400W RMS high-output, high-efficiency amplifier for thunderous deep bass extension. <br>- Tuned-port bass enclosure extends low-frequency response and increase overall efficiency, reducing distortion and improving its power-handling capacity. <br> <br> SPECIFICATIONS <br> <br>Amplifier Power (RMS): 400 Watts <br>Peak Dynamic Power: 700 Watts (The Peak Dynamic Power is measured by recording the highest center-to-peak voltage measured across the output of a resistive load equal to minimum impedance of the transducer, using a 50Hz sine wave burst, 3 cycles on, 17 cycles off.) <br>Low-Frequency Transducer: 300mm (12") PolyPlas™ <br>Frequency Response: 25Hz - 150Hz <br>Dimensions (H x W x D): 19-3/4" x 15-3/4" x 16-7/8" (502mm x 400mm x 428mm) <br>Weight: 43 lb (19.5kg)


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