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Product Image
Hitachi 36GX01B
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Description: - UltraBlack Picture Tube.<br>- 10 Watt Front Firing Speaker System.<br>- MTS Stereo / SAP with dbx.<br>- Surround Sound.<br>- 10 Watt Speaker System.<br>- Volume Correction.<br>- Auto Noise Canceler.<br>- 181 Channel Tuner with Auto Programming.<br>- Front Panel Menu Controls.<br>- Favorite Channel.<br>- Power Resume.<br>- Child Lock.<br>- Channel Lock/Video Lock/Quick Lock.<br>- TV Time Out.<br>- TV/Movie Ratings.<br>- Channel ID/Video ID.<br>- 4 Event On/Off Channel Timer.<br>- Sleep Timer (15 to 180 minutes).<br>- Closed Caption Decoder (CC).<br>- Energy Star Compliant.


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