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Product Image
Casio SY-30
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  130.00
Description: The SY-30 is a high-quality portable television with a rugged yet stylish new casing built for active lifestyles. The SY-30 has a durable casing modeled after Casio's famous "G-Shock" watches. It is the first handheld TV specifically designed for use poolside, near the Jacuzzi, in the bathroom or kitchen, or for outdoor activities such as hiking or fishing. The SY-30 has a 2.7" color LCD screen with 118, 800 pixels for a clear, sharp picture. It also has an Audio/Video Input jack so it can be used with a VCR or DVD player. Other features include an earphone jack, external antenna jack, attached rod antenna and anti-glare screen. The SY-30 runs on 4 "AA" size batteries or an optional AC adaptor. <p /> <ul> <li>Product Description - Casio SY 30 - TV - STN - 2.7"</li> <li>Product Type - TV - color</li> <li>Form Factor - Portable</li> <li>Diagonal Size - 2.7"</li> <li>Technology - STN passive matrix</li> <li>Image Aspect Ratio - 4:3</li> <li>Tuner Qty - 1</li> <li>Sound Output Mode - Mono</li> <li>Battery - 4 x battery - AA type</li> </ul>


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