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[Advice] Buying wireless speakers.

I listen to quite a lot of music but at the moment its only out of my macbook. I'd like to invest in a set of wireless speakers that I can connect upto my laptop/tv/ps3. I listen to mostly indie music and a some rap so I'm not after massive bass. It would also help if they're bluetooth speakers ... Read More »

Wireless speakers & Home theatre package...

Do wireless speakers produce the same tonality and musical fidelity as wired speakers?? What I mean is are these wireless speakers just as good as wired speakers as far as sound is concerned. Why can't speakers manufacturers produce more wireless speakers so that we can get rid of all the clutter an ... Read More »

wireless speakers for stereo receiver, computer, and playstation

I need some advice about wireless speakers. Thinking about buying speakers for my son to use in his dorm room. I would like a fairly decent surround system. He has an older model Onkyo receiver at home (he did not take it with him to college, since he did not have speakers), and listens to most o ... Read More »

AR Wireless Speakers - A steal for $10!

Still getting over a great day of audio on the cheap. Snagged a pair of Acoustic Research AW-871's for only $10 at a local thrift. I think they thought they were computer speakers! Need to buy the AC adapter for the speakers themselves but everything else was there including rechargeable C-Batter ... Read More »

Alternative to wireless speakers - Possible?

Ok, I understand wireless speaker setups have compromised quality. Are there any products available that will send a signal from a receiver in one room to a multi zone amp in another room. (I think Russound has a nice multi zone amp). From the amp I can run wires to my speakers in other rooms. If ... Read More »

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