Energy Speaker Systems VS Surround Speakers

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Brilliant audio and switchable bipole/dipole support make the Energy 3-way Veritas VS Surround speaker your go-to for an incredible audio experience for movies, music, and more.

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SPDIF- vs- AES/EBU -- A link with a bit of history of the two with technical data

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connection problem:hdmi vs analogic

Hej everybody. Just bought a Panasonic led tv. I have an ampli Nad c315bee and I am buying a blu ray player. Nad has only rca analogic connection. How can I connect all?:confused5: Thanks MauroRead More »

What is a front firing sub woofer vs any other sub woofer?

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Towers vs. Bookshelf Speakers

This weekend I was able to spend about an hour listening to my Jamo C 601 bookshelf speakers in the 14 x 14 room with the 10 foot ceiling. Hard wood floors and currently no furniture in it. I was absolutely stunned to feel the room shake when playing some Three Dog Night tunes at a moderate audi ... Read More »

NAD VS Harman/Kardon

Hello! Which is better?[COLOR=#282828][FONT=helvetica]NAD 320BEE or Harman/Kardon HK-970? Thanks.[/FONT][/COLOR]Read More »


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