Energy Speaker Systems VS Surround Speakers

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Brilliant audio and switchable bipole/dipole support make the Energy 3-way Veritas VS Surround speaker your go-to for an incredible audio experience for movies, music, and more.

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Krell S-300i vs Momentum int. amp

As much as I enjoy my Krell S-300i I am wondering about Dan's new Momentum integrated amp for only $45,000. I think it might be a nice step-up in performance. I am sure the Focal's would love it. Of course the number one question is where the hell do I get the money?Read More »

Cerwin Vegas vs Acustech

Im new to the forum and I apologize if this questions isnt as technical as most. But i'm a college kid looking to buy a set of speakers for my room next semester. I have a Denon x1000 thats pushing 175 watts/channel and I need some relatively inexpensive speakers ($600 max) but I can go slightly ove ... Read More »

NAD vs Harmon Kardon vs AMC?

[B]NAD vs AMC 3025A vs Harmon Kardon vs Harmon Kardon?[/B] [COLOR=#333333][INDENT]I guess I accidentally posted this as a reply to another thread, sorry about that...anyway, my question is: I have 4 amps and 3 sets of speakers... I have a NAD T 753, A Harmon Kardon AVR 75, a Harmon Kardon AVR 135 ... Read More »

What would you do in this situation (native speaker vs. non native dilemma)?

I want to be an elementary school teacher but I also love Spanish and am studying to hopefully become fluent. I think I might want to become a Spanish teacher but as a student, I've hated being taught by non-native Spanish speakers. As I am not a native, it would be kind of hypocritical for me to te ... Read More »

Walmart vs Target store customer service

Walmart might offer the lowest price, but their customer service vs other retailors really reeks. Recently Bestbuy had Ben Hur and 10 Commandments bluray combo for $8, but they ran out in store before I could get to them. Knowing that Walmart carry same combo bluray disc in stock ($15), off to Walm ... Read More »


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