Energy Speaker Systems C-R3 Rear Channel Surround Speakers

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Product Description

Perfect Sound in a Less than Perfect Room The C-R3 rear channel model adds the exclusive technology of Energy's Sound Field Management (SFM) to the Connoisseur Series. Once an exclusive technology for the Veritas series, this feature allows the user to custom tune the rear surround speaker for any audio application. The two controls allow you to adjust the soundfield type from bi-pole (where the two side firing midranges radiate in phase with each other), or di-pole (which changes the phase of one of the midrange drivers so that they are out of phase with each other). Additionally, the overall level of the effects from the side drivers can be continuously adjusted with a volume control. The largest benefit of the SFM system is that it allows the speaker placement to be modified for when it is less than perfect. Its not always possible to mount the rear channel speakers exactly where they should be, but with the SFM system, you can modify the output and ambience of each speaker individually, to compensate for different wall materials, placement, height differences, etc.

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