unknown VRP-1000 Subwoofer Speaker Subwoofers

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Combining Best in Class technology with a price that anyone can afford describes the Velodyne Rear Port (VRP) Series subwoofers. By using a low noise, rear port design, the VRP Series subwoofers play louder and go lower than similarly priced products and accurately reproduce the most difficult bass information. The VRP Series consists of the VRP-1000 with a 10 forward firing driver (8.2 piston diameter) and the VRP-1200 with a 12 forward firing driver (9.7 piston diameter). Both are finished in black ash with a stylish hourglass front grille and high gloss black accents. So whether your focus is thunderous reproduction of home theaters challenging special effects, or low, tight dynamic bass that adds that lifelike quality to your music, the VRP Series assures the best performance with extraordinary reliability.

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