unknown Vega V-12S Subwoofer Speaker Subwoofers

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Cerwin-Vega refined its look, but the V Series are pure Cerwin-Vega! With newly designed woofers, V Series delivers More Bass in Less Space. Don't be deceived by the sculpted grille and attention to detail. Beneath the eye candy is a Powerhouse of Rude! Remove the grille and high-tech components reveal the speakers real intention: To make you Feel!Whether listening to movies or music, the V Series Audio/Video loudspeakers are designed to offer dynamic acoustic impact at any listening level. V Series is finished in an elegant granite vinyl finish with complimentary silver satin baffles. The cabinets are contemporary and robust yet maintain a slim profile. Mix and match any V Series models for a dynamic six-piece home theater system or a kick-butt stereo rig.

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