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The Dayton Loudspeaker IB series subwoofers are designed to produce extremely low, clean, uncolored bass in infinite baffle situations. Ideally, the subwoofers are situated between the listening room and an attic, basement, or garage using the floor, ceiling, or walls to separate the front and rear sound waves. Benefits of the infinite baffle approach include extreme low-frequency output, very clean and distortion-free sound, lack of large enclosures within the room, and amazingly loud bass with modest power amplifiers. Combining high sensitivity, good mechanical damping, and excellent excursion capabilities, the IB series subwoofers are the only drivers on the market designed specifically for infinite baffle situations.

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Usher subwoofer/speaker stands....

I happened to check out the Usher website and was surprised to find sub woofers made to compliment the S-520. These sub woofers seem like a pretty good idea for those who have small bookshelf/monitors and looking to add some depth to the sound. Check it out. [url]http://usheraudiousa.com/produc ... Read More »

(Advice Needed) Multimedia subwoofer and Klipsch speaker compatability questions

Hey guys, I need some advise. [B]I want to create a decent speaker system for music purposes (mostly rock), in my bedroom and the source of music would be from my mp3 player[/B]. I currently have a [B]Cyber Acoustics 3 pc Subwoofer/Satellite System CA-3602[/B] [url]http://www.amazon.com/gp/p ... Read More »

Dorm room speaker advice round two: The Subwoofer

Hey all, Thank you for your help choosing my main speakers. I have been looking at subs for a while now, and am considering a few options. One option is that i have a low-powered 12" car audio sub/amp mounted in a box that I could run with my roommates box of old powersupplies, maybe. Anoth ... Read More »

Subwoofer connection using 18 guage speaker wire

Hello All, I routed 14 gauge speaker wire in my wall and ceiling to connect my receiver to a Klipsch RW-12d. I was told by a local hi-fi shop that this (speaker wire) would be acceptable as I only needed to carry the "single". How do I finish the connection with RCA connectors? Please advise.Than ... Read More »

Center Channel speaker and Subwoofer Purchase ideas.

I have a Denon AVR 484 Receiver. 2 Energy C-1 Bookshelfs for my front speakers. 2 paradigm Titan bookshelfs for my rear speakers. My listening room dimensions are: ~ 15' x 15' with hardwood floors. This room is open to the dining room measuring the same size (give or take). Im in the market ... Read More »


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