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Powered active subwoofer, 9" slim round design. The SounSub9 is an extremely shallow, compact, reflex-loaded subwoofer. It is designed to deliver a full bass impact along with the explosive dynamics of a rich home theater experience. This subwoofer is complemented with its own floor stand, rigid on-wall/ceiling connection bracket, and an option to lie on the floor or under the sofa on a "side/ceiling" firing position. Although suitable for any home theater system, an emphasis has been placed on ideal acoustic integration with the Morel SoundSpot speakers. The SoundSub9 is driven by a high-quality 100W amplifier. The amplifier offers all the features desirable in a home theater system, including an automatic on/off switch, volume control, phase control, and crossover point control, which allow seamless system integration. Both high- and low-level inputs/outputs are provided, enabling any of the common configuration options.

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