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Product Image
unknown Technology HV-800 Subwoofer Speaker
0 Reviews
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MSRP  289.00
Description: High-Velocity Subwoofer Series feature mica/graphite polypropylene drivers, which are extremely rigid yet light enough to produce extremely responsive and accurate, floor-shaking bass. Each sub's front-mounted driver has butyl rubber surround, and a powerful 250-watt servo-controlled amplifier that monitors and adjusts output for dynamic, undistorted bass. Each subwoofer also features gain control, phase switch, variable crossover (40-110Hz), line/speaker level inputs, a separate LFE input, and video shielding. The High Velocity Subwoofer series includes three models, the 8" HV-800, 10" HV-1000 and the largest, our HV-1200 12". Available in a Black Rosewood finish only with black cloth grills.


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