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Product Image
unknown Technology 642 SB Subwoofer Speaker
0 Reviews
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MSRP  689.00
Description: The Atlantic Technology 642SB THX Select powered subwoofer is engineered using the latest technology and finest components available. It features a long-throw 12 composite cone driver with a vented 9-pound motor structure, and 2 high temperature, 4-layer voice coil. This powerful driver has a very stiff cone that acts like a piston throughout its operating range. Its massive magnetic motor assembly and high temperature components deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The 642SB features a sealed enclosure design for low distortion and smoother bass output. Sealed enclosure woofer designs are inherently low in distortion, and deliver deep smooth bass response with a gradual and predictable roll-off below resonance. As with all Atlantic Technology subwoofers, close attention has been paid to providing accurate musical bass reproduction along with terrific special effects. Powered by a high-efficiency 300 watt amplifier, the 642 SB utilizes the latest in amplifier technology, with an output stage cap


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