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Product Image
unknown DLS-5000R Subwoofer Speaker
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Description: Velodyne now brings the power and precision of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to a new series of very affordable, high-performance, remote-controlled subwoofers. The Distortion Limiting System (DLS-R) Series subwoofers consists of the DLS-3500R with an 8 forward firing driver (6.3 piston diameter), DLS-3750R with a 10 forward firing driver (8.2 piston diameter), DLS-4000R with a 12 forward firing driver (9.9 piston diameter), and DLS-5000R with a 15 forward firing driver (12.7 piston diameter). Each subwoofer features four presets on its remote control for movies, rock music, jazz/classical and games, allowing you to select the perfect bass without ever leaving your chair. All the adjustments of these subwoofers can be made using the remote including volume control, night mode, low-pass crossover and phase. The DLS-R Series deliver bass the way it was meant to be heard - loud and deep with incredible impact and lower distortion.


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