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Product Image
Eltax Impact 10 Subwoofer Speaker
0 Reviews
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MSRP  299.00
Description: We have come quite far in our quest for deep, rumbling bass. The introduction of the dedi-cated Low Frequency, or LFE, channel has added an outstanding dimension to our home cinema experiences. We can now feel as well as hear big sound effects when enjoying a film or TV programme.Our Atomic and Impact ranges of active subwoof-ers offer a multitude of solutions when search-ing for a great LFE provider. The wide portfolio ensures you wont ever have to compromise on design, performance or personal preferences.Atomic is our largest range of active subwoof-ers, and an outstanding solution when you would like a discreet LFE provider. Driver diameters range from 165mm on the Atomic A-6 to a whopping 375mm on the Atomic A-15. All Atomic active subs use less than 1W when in standby.The Impact range is most suitable for combina-tion with our rounded ranges of loudspeakers, including Mirage, Matrix, MovieMaxx and new-comer Paramount. This attractive sub can easily be placed in your interior environment.


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