Edge SW12 Subwoofers

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Product Description

  • 250-watt powered subwoofer
  • 12-inch long-throw woofer
  • Made from 1-inch high-density fiberboard and finished with capirona wood in medium cherry
  • 20 to 180 Hz frequency response
  • Line- and speaker-level inputs, variable crossover

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Help Polk SW12

I expect that someone can give me a hand with this problem: A couple a days before i bought a SUB PSW12, when i install it everthing works OK, however if I increase the volume a rare sound appears. It sounds like if you hit a piece of paper with your finger. I am worried because i think that ... Read More »

Optimus Pro SW12 Sub X-over mod

I'm getting a Pro SW12 sub for practically nothing and would like to change the x-over for the speakers out from factory(200-250Hz) down to around 80-100Hz. This will be a secondary stereo in my bedroom. It may seem more than it's worth-but I'm going to use that sub. Anybody out there can help or ... Read More »

Optimus SW12 crossover

I recently upgraded my fronts from some JBL N28s to Athena ASF2s and the 250hz crossover that the Optimus SW12 comes with just isn't working for me. Athena suggests 50 hz on their own subs with the ASF2s. I have an Adcom amp for my fronts so the sw12, which is passive, is running solo off of my re ... Read More »


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