Axiom Speaker Company EP600 Subwoofers

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The Epicenter EP600 is going to revolutionize your listening experience. With the help of XLF (a DSP chip), you will finally hear spectacular deep bass -- as low as 13 Hz in a room! The EP600 XLF produces the deepest, smoothest, cleanest loud bass you will ever hear. RCA, Phone or XLR connections. Measures 45.5" high by 15" wide by 17" deep. Beautifully finished in Black Oak or Boston Cherry, or over 100 custom finishes available in Axiom's Customize Yours store.

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Has anyone listened to the Axiom EP600 Sub

Hello forum, just wondering if anyone on here has listened to the Axiom EP600 sub, I am thinking of ordering it but unfortunitely i have no way to listen to it. I have read everything i can find to read on it and it almost seems to good to be true for the price. Some of the reviews even say that it ... Read More »

has anyone heard the Epicenter EP600 from axiom?

i saw the link at the top of this page and looked at some specs, it looked worth checking into and i was wondering if anyone has had a chance to hear oneRead More »


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