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Product Image
unknown Waterproof Speakers
0 Reviews
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MSRP  90.00
Description: - Grace Digital accessory waterproof bullet speakers- 2 speakers included- For use with the GDI-WPBULLET-W speaker system (add up to 2 extra speakers per transmitter) - A stylish and easy solution to fit your outdoor audio needs- Each speaker is also equipped with a mood light for added night time party fun- 2 Channel PLL transmitter- Automatic level control- Double bass boost on each speaker- Single color moodlight- LED power indicator on transmitter and speakers- LED auto tune indicator on each speaker- Outside operating range of up to 150'- Up to 7 hour battery life- Energy saver (speakers power down when not in use) - Each speaker requires 8 AA batteries (not included)- UL AC power wall plug included for speakers- 900MHz analog frequency- WhiteGDIWPBULLETWA


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