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Theater Solutions Outdoor Garden Rock Speakers
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Description: Get spacious outdoor sound from a speaker that will blend right in with your backyard. The Theater Solutions RS4 rock and garden speaker is designed to look like an actual rock, so it will disappear into the surrounding landscape. There is no better way to compliment a patio or garden than adding audio. Theater-Solutions 2-way weatherproof rock speakers have rigid accoustically inert enclosures that are silicone sealed. These aerospace grade multi-layer composite cabinets with rust resistant steel grills are weatherproof against rain, snow, salt, ice, pool chemicals and more. The four inch 8 ohm rubber surround woofers with silver-mica cones and half inch ferro-fluid cooled dome tweeters are designed for the outdoor climate, while delivering clear crisp sound. Theater Solutions RS4 is available in Granite, Sandstone, and Volcanic Rock style. <br> <br> <br> <br>125 Watts RMS & 250 Watts Max per Speaker <br>Sensitivity is 96db with 50-22,000 Hz Frequency Response <br>Woofers are Silver Mica 8ohm Drivers with Sealed Voice Coils <br>Ferro Fluid Cooled Dome Tweeters <br>Silicone Encased Leads <br>Rigid Accoustically Inert Enclosures <br>Silicone Sealed, Aerospace Grade Multi-layer Composite Cabinets <br>Rust Resistant Steel Grills


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