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Klipsch CA-8T
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Description: The Klipsch CA-8T compact full range system is perfect for higher power professional applications where flexible mounting and extended range are required, including everything needed for fast and easy distributed sound installations. Equally at home indoors or out, in foreground or background, higher spl applications, the CA-8T's appearance and Klipsch fidelity fit into residential, business or recreational environments equally well. <p /> The UV- and weather-resistant ABS enclosure includes an internal multi-tap transformer with switchable direct 8 ohm bypass, simplifying hookup to any type of sound system. The C-bracket assembly attaches to the enclosure's integral stainless steel threaded studs with oversized knobs, ensuring a positive position-lock and rapid "no-pain" installation. External attachment to the built-in security retainer provides an extra measure of safety, protecting against unexpected damage or removal.


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