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Product Image
unknown 364668-01 Main / Stereo Speaker
0 Reviews
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MSRP  155.00
Description: The Gold Line Series is On-Qs top-of-the-line speaker series. Designed to maximize distributed audio and home theater installations, the speakers in this series can be adjusted to tailor their environment. Just as with the Blue Line Home Theater Series, the parts that comprise the Gold Line Series complement each other to yield the best possible, most synergistic sound. In addition, the Gold Line Series boasts high-power handling capability, a 1/2 inch IR target knock out, and 3-position bass and treble adjustment switches. Other features include high grade crossover and high end gold push pin speaker connectors, glass fiber woofers, 1 pivot aluminum dome tweeters, and foam gaskets which minimize vibration and provide an air-tight seal. This line is also compatible with the On-Q Pre-Construction Speaker Brackets.


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