unknown (50-8525) Speaker Inwall Speakers

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Perfect speaker for high performance music and voice reproduction from wall locations. Suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and similar areas with potentially high moisture. These speakers are suitable for horizontal or vertical mount in wall surfaces and vaulted ceilings.

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Speaker Cable, Suggestions on a $50 budget

My setup is Flac (uncompressed music) Laptop - XFI Expresscard - Optical out / Toslink Onkyo 797 Paradigm Reference Studio 100s I currently use 33c [B]Home Depot 12g[/B] Copper wire. It has oxidized (turned green), I read that it shouldn't effect sound quality, but it looks like sewage. ... Read More »

50" TV and speaker installation height

Hi everybody. I'm just finishing my new house and really excited to get back on my lot- the hurricanes in 2004 destroyed everything I own and had to do a complete rebuild. Anyway, I'm putting in a 50" flat screen and wanted to know what a good height would be for the TV. The room is quite long an ... Read More »



60.0 WA BLACK: