SpeakerCraft Starlet 6 Main / Stereo Speaker Inwall Speakers

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Product Description

SpeakerCraft has created a line of in-wall speakers designed for both home theater and critical listening applications. The Starlet series was designed around a highly acclaimed speaker configuration called Line Source. The Line Source design provides exceptional imaging and accuracy especially for in-wall speakers. At the heart of the system are multiple 61/2 woofers that run from top to bottom on each model. The woofers are all horn loaded to improve performance and are topped with a matched ribbon tweeter. The ribbon tweeter produces an incredible off-axis response. This wide sound pattern allows the speaker to sound great wherever you are in the room. This also is a bonus for home theater systems, where listening position is critical. Incredibly, the entire assembly has its own retrofittable extruded aluminum enclosure. This is made possible by utilizing a neodymium magnet that is located at the front of the speaker, freeing up the space behind the woofer. Neodymium magnets are more powerful and therefor

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