Infinity Systems ERS 110 Inwall Speakers

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Product Description

The ERS 110 is a round 2-way in-wall/ceiling speaker for use in a wide variety of applications, from stereo and whole-house music systems to complete home theaters. The ERS 110 incorporates Infinity's patented Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD ) technology to eliminate unwanted resonances and deliver clear, undistorted sound. The ERS 110 also incorporates a proprietary waveguide design to ensure smooth distribution of sound throughout the listening area. The white grilles and frames are paint

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Infinity ERS 110/Polk 80i

I am looking for 2 pairs of in-ceiling speakers, shortlisted on infinity ERS 110 and polk 80i. Only criteria I used is price range. They are about the same price, It is just that for paying $50 extra for polk, i would also get $199's subwoofer free at crutchfield. I could not find any place to check ... Read More »


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