CSI/Speco SP-6INFC Main / Stereo Speaker Inwall Speakers

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Product Description

Speco Technologies engineers had a vision to design a high-performance speaker line where the speaker components were so perfectly matched at their core that the pureness of the design would result in an exponential increase in performance. Their achievement, Speco Technologies Infatuation line, matches speaker components with such precision balance that the speakers efficiency compounds many times over, requiring only half the power intake of other comparable industry speakers but incredibly delivering twice the performance to the end user! The technology at the core of this endeavor, Frequency Array Technology Capabilities (or FAT-CAP technology), allows a streamlined speaker design without any unnecessary, costly components, allowing Speco Technologies to offer these high-performing speakers at a fraction of the cost when compared with their specification peers in the industry. But most importantly, these perfectly balanced, efficient components work together in absolute harmony to provide pow

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